Pi of Life: Setting it up

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I have been fascinated about the tiny, cute and strong #Raspberry-pi for some long time. I was reading about this amazing thing, but whenever I asked myself, “Should I acquire one?” I thought it might become a junk investment.

Sometime back I listed down what I might do with a Pi –

  1. Upgrade my current Home NAS (USB-3 HDD on a USB-3 port on my home router)
  2. Set up Dynamic Static IP for the NAS – no need to carry in the disk when I travel
  3. Have a Torrent set up on the NAS
  4. Get my entire stock of movies (have not counted the size) and music collection (iTune says it runs for 24+ days) on a streaming set up
  5. Learn some Python

Looking at all these I just grabbed one. When I got it delivered, I felt it is even better than what I thought of. Its really so small and yet packs so much into it.

Setting it up:

I burned the mid night oil and pulled out my old keyboard (not using since moved to laptops) and grabbed a mouse. I downloaded NOOBS and set up a 8GB microSD+SD-Card adapter. Connected the Analog TV (Still not using HDMI) to the analog port of the Pi, set up the mouse and the keyboard, slided in the SD Card and powered it up.

Wow! NOOBS is so clean. Installed Raspbian and reboot. The linux booting is always something that make me feel great.

I wanted to run it headless and place it by the side of the home router. So immediately set up SSH and XRDP. sudo Halt!

Removed all the connections and took it near the router, crimped up a small Ethernet cable and connected the Pi to a port on the router. Switched on the power supply. Set up the router’s DHCP to assign a fixed IP to the Pi.


Voila! I am done with the set up.

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