Goal Management – Goal partitioning for Elaboration phase

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This is the second part in continuation to my earlier post Goal Management – Goal partitioning for Inception phase

While the team identifies requirements in the inception phase and also find out the business risk of the project during the same, the elaboration phase is the time when the technical risks are supposed to be unearthed and mitigated. So definitely the goal in this phase is to elaborate the system technically. This includes:

    *  To elaborate the system's technical requirements
    *  To establish the architecture (establish different views of the system).
    *  To establish the QOS and all non-functional requirements
    *  To take judgemental approach to meet the non-functional requirements optimally
    *  To make sure that the change in the mix of the factors of non-functional requirements can be done in future
    *  To unearth any possible technical bottlenecks or hurdles (by taking up proof of concepts)

The Elaboration phase is the second of six phases — Inception, Elaboration, Construction, Transition, Production , and Retirement — that a system experiences throughout its complete lifecycle.  This phase has several goals:

    * To produce a proven, architectural baseline for your system
    * To evolve your requirements model to the "80% completion point"
    * To develop a coarse-grained project plan for the entire Construction phase
    * To ensure that the critical tools, processes, standards, and guidelines have been put in place for the Construction phase
    * To understand and eliminate the high-priority risks of your project


  1. Well said … Iterative Development was great step forward but now world is moving towards agile … the agile model of RUP is AUP …which is in principle same with RUP with the exception of "Focus on high-value activities. The focus is on the activities which actually count, not every possible thing that could happen to you on a project." … this principle is inline with YAGNI principle (''You ain’t gonna need it'') of Extreme Programming… sometime when we follow RUP we end up spending too much time in areas which has High Technical Risks but Low Value..The agile recommends that we should prioritize the one which has high value and high risk… YAGNI ..talks about design the things which you need now and design should be adaptable … do not build all possible things in design which you may get time to develop….

    Saket Bansal ,PMI-ACP
    Agile Coach

  2. While iterative development and RUP brought in a new thought process for project/program management and SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), it also ushered a new dawn for various other ways to look at SDLC. Agile/SCRUM, TDD, Expreme Programming all are the results of the seeds from Iterative development.

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