Goal Management -Goal partitioning for Construction phase

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This is the third part in continuation to my earlier post Goal
Management – Goal Management – Goal partitioning for Elaboration phase

The goals that are set in the construction pahse is looking at the business goal of delivering some usable system to the end user or consumer. The goals in this phase are broadly:
    *  To describe the remaining requirements
    *  To flesh out the design of your system
    *  To ensure that your system meets the needs of its users and fits into your organization's overall system portfolio
    *  To complete component development and testing, including both the software product and its documentation
    *  To minimize development costs by optimizing resources
    *  To achieve adequate quality as rapidly as possible
    *  To develop useful versions of your system (alpha, beta, …)

During the Construction phase, your project team will focus on evolving the technical prototype that you developed during the Elaboration phase into the full fledged system. As a result, your team will:

    *  Achieve and maintain adequate quality in your work as early as possible
    *  Develop software models that are sufficient to guide the implementation of your system
    *  Work closely with your user community to validate that your work meets their needs
    *  Implement and test the various components of your system
    *  Develop useful versions of your system as early as is practical
    *  Baseline the validated components and
    *  Manage the risks, people, and other project resources effectively.

As you work towards your goals, you will create and/or evolve a wide variety of artifacts:

    *  Revised requirements model (use cases, supplementary specifications) describing what you intend to build
    *  Revised project−level software architecture documents (SAD)
    *  Detailed software design models showing how your system is built
    *  Executable system ready for beta release to your user community
    *  Revised project schedule, estimate, and risk list from which to manage your project
    *  Revised team environment definition (tools, processes, guidelines, standards, etc.) indicating the tools and techniques that your team will use
    *  User, support, and operations documentation that is ready to be beta tested.

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