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So, last midnight, I have shifted this site from dasBlog to BlogEngine. I started with dasBlog in the starting of this year. But after going through the features and enhancements in BlogEngine, I shifted out for the better. The specific reasons are a newer codebase, better theme support and other better features. One of the major feature that caused me to shift is the static front page capability. I wanted to have a site where I can add blogs. dasBlog let me add page to the blog and the web site converts to a blog site immediately. I am not saying any negative for dasBlog. I am just comparing my requirements. So I felt BlogEngine met my requirements.

Okay, let me share the details of the activities:

1. I downloaded BlogEngine last week and set it up. Seting up was just as smooth as butter. There is no configuration changes in .config files. Just unzipping the downloaded contents and pointing the folder in the IIS.

2. Exported the earlier dasBlog entries to BlogML. This is not supported in dasBlog. There is a very good tool Merill Fernando. Look his blog: http://www.merill.net/post/2008/03/DasBlog-to-BlogML-Converter.aspx. The converter tool is available at: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/DasBlogML.

3. Import BlogML to BlogEngine. Use the Settings tab in the control panel and using the bottom option just import the blogML and PRESTO! you have done it!!

4. Uploading: Removed the content from my existing site, except the folders which contain images and other files which I am using, like images etc. Then simply uploaded the local content to the web server.


So its up and running. Finished putting my entry for the new site at midnight!!


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