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It was at the end of two hectic days of organisation level review of our software development process (in line with CMMi). I had a good sleep through the night only to start the day with my most hated activity, catch the morning flight!

I was carrying the book "Analyzing Requirements And Defining Microsoft .net Solution Architectures – Microsoft Press (ISBN:978-81-203-2322-3)" to kill the boredom of the cramped journey in the airplane. I tried to consume every word of the book to make the maximum use of the flying time.

The breakfast was being served. I closed the book, kept on the empty seat by my side. Unfolded the serving table and finished up the breakfast as fast as possible (break the fast not the fastness!).

There was an elderly person sitting next to the empty seat, who had the coffee only and kept away the hassle of breakfast. So when I finished my tussle with the breakfast and folded back the table, I saw that my book is in his hand. He is flipping the pages with some kind of enquiry in his mind. I thought he must be a very experienced person from IT industry. So when he finished with the book, I was getting ready for some questions from him.

He returned the book with a big question mark in his eyes. He asked, "What do you do?"

I answered, "I am a solutions Architect. I design and deliver solutions."

He asked, "So what is the architecture here? I am also an architect, but I do it for buildings."

So we had a discussion on Architecture in different fields and the journey continued….


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