Issue in sorting Items in a CListCtrl in MFC

Thursday, November 6, 2008

MFC in Visual C++ 6.0 has a problem with header notifications for the ListView control. Although a handler can be added, in the current version it isn't called. For instance, use Class Wizard or the WizardBar to add a Windows Message Handler. If the ID for the ListView control is highlighted, a number of notification messages are available for selection. To sort the items when the header is clicked for a given column, select the notification HDN_ITEMCLICK. An ON_NOTIFY message map entry is generated, as well as a handler function. For the current example, the entry appears as follows:


The problem here is that the notification doesn't actually originate from the ListView control; instead, the Header control created by the ListView sends the notification. The message map entry listed above does not work. The fix is simple, however, since the Header control always has an ID of 0, the macro can be edited to work correctly:


Then, in the OnItemclickList1 handler, the SortItems call is made:

void CSortListDlg::OnItemclickList1(NMHDR* pNMHDR, LRESULT* pResult)
        m_ctlListView.SortItems(SortFunc, pLV->iItem);
        *pResult = 0;

The notification message header (NMHDR) is actually a ListView notification, NMLISTVIEW, that contains the index to the column that was clicked. In this example, this is represented by iItem. More complex lists might need to reference the iSubItem element of this structure as well. The address of the callback function is passed to SortItems, along with the column number which was clicked.

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